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Coltello Maserin RAPTOR

Coltello Maserin RAPTOR
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Blade : N690 stainless steel, black coating (100 mm)
Total length : 230 mm
Handle : anodized aluminium 6061-T1
Weight : 182 gr
Inserts : no slip
Accessories : glass breaker, fuse cutter, crimper
Clip : stainless steel
Sheath : nylon
Note:660 RAPTOR E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) knife is completely made by Coltellerie Maserin. Our Raptor was designed by Salvatore Puddu following the instructions given by the special corps of Italian Police against sabotage. This knife satisfies the needs of E.O.D. corps and was adopted by the Italian artificer corps.

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