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€ 109.00
OD Green
€ 109.00
Composizione /Composition: 900 Denier Poly
Finissaggio / Finishing: spalmatura poliuretanica
impermeabile / Polyurethane waterproof coating
Peso / Weight: 1,90 kg

Duffle bag used to put staffing inside, with dimensions cm 34 x 36 x 88 cm and volume about 100 lt
The bag is composed of a large central compartment with a rectangular base, accessible from above by means of long central opening 82 cm, closed with spiral hinge 10,
equipped with double sliders with rings and holes of about 4 mm for the application of any seals that open with mobile tie rods to facilitate the closure.
The bag is equipped with anatomical shoulder straps fastened each to about cm. 15 from a side end of the upper part, of length of about cm. 40, duly internally structured
with high-density foam material, with an externally applied a ribbon of approximately cm wide polyamide. 2.5 with fastening seams duly travettate each about cm. 10.
The lower end of the tape end with a regulator block-tape lever Nylon® or equivalent, each connected to respective adjustment tape stuck on the opposite side of the top of
the bag, approx cm. 10 from the other end, in correspondence of the stitching of the lateral sides.
These shoulder straps which can be stored in two limpets are attached to the outer ends on the longer sides, having dimensions of about cm. 47 x 16, can be fixed to the
upper fabric of the bag by means of Velcro or equivalent wide about cm. 2, the double sided.
In the upper part of the flap it is applied to a window in fabric and translucent for the application of identification data, cm. 11 x 7 around.
In the middle of the two parts that make up the upper part, for about cm. 30 x 10, in correspondence of the support on the back, are present in high density foam padding
The bottom is made of double fabric and reinforced with No. 4 tapes Nylon®, wide about cm. 5, applied to the lateral ends and in the center equidistant.
The two central strips on the sides continue further, up to the upper end in order to obtain two further long handles each about cm. 55. On the upper ends of the same tape,
the center, is retorted upon himself for about cm. 12, and is accompanied by a closure device of the two handles in the middle fabric with Velcro closure.
On a longer side are applied n ° 3 compartments entirely made of the same fabric, each closed with spiral hinge 8 with cursor and movable rods. The dimensions are
approximately 23 cm width x 25 high x 7.5 deep.
On the other longer side, at the top of the application in correspondence of strips, they are applied n ° 2 plastic plates, loops, of about c. 5.5 x 5.5. They are also present at
the ends of said ribbons n ° 4 plastic rings. Such plastics plaques are also present on the other longer side.
The shorter sides are present, for each of them, a sub-fund of about cm. 34 width x 23 high x 4 deep, accessible from the outside with closed spiral hinge 8 with slider and
movable rods.

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