Diritto di recesso per il consumatore (d.lgs. 206/2005)

Not satisfied with your purchase? You can return us the items within 14 days from when you received them!

You have the right to get a full refund for you expenses without any penalty and without having to state a reason.
Returns cannot be done on custom-made or customized products, booked products, food, software, audio/video items, books/magazines/newspapers.

If a product is defective or not compliant with what you ordered, shipping cost for the return is free.

To make a return, first of all send us an e-mail or call us, so we can agree on timings and methods for return and refund.

Shipment of the return: please package the products so they can't be damaged during transport and send them to SPECIAL FORCES s.r.l. - via Barcis 1/C - 33170 Pordenone – Italy.  The items which you return must be in the same condition they were when you received it: intact, with original boxes/slipcases, and with any manual or other paper, without anything missing.

Right to return decays in full when the products is not intact, and/or when one of the following conditions is true:
* original packaging is missing;
* parts of the product are missing;
* the product was used in a way which prevents it to return back in a pre-sale condition;
* the product was modified or tampered.

Refund will be operated as soon as possible, and in any case within 14 working days from the request.

Should you need to contact our assistance, please write or e-mail us.
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